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hello world from stormchaser3000

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hello. my username is stormchaser3000. i don't play minetest too often but i do like this server. i have played on the server before but i only just registered a minute ago. i try to be nice and kind but if i ever fail at those two then please tell me so i can correct my behaviour. i like helping people, i like resolving arguments and disputes, and i like mining. i am a bit of a computer person. i like using just about anything from GNU+Linux to the BSD based OSes to FreeDOS and ReactOS, just not Windows. i hope i can be of help to people. have a good day (or night or whatever time you are reading this) and i hope to play on this server a bit more often.
Hey Stormchaser, welcome to the forum and to the server! Glad to have you here! :D
Stormy!!!! Heya!!! :D
Hai StormyChaser :D Happy To See You :lol:
Welcome to HOMETOWN!
Somehow your name makes me think of a high-tech broom from Harry Potter. I like it :)

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