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Suggest vendor/deposit machine to check illegal item

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Players might not know if the items they're selling/buying are actually illegal to trade, buy, sell or give away, especially if they actually get the items from somewhere else or from other players.

I want to suggest that vendor/deposit machines to reject the items if they're those illegal items.

Maybe do a check when something is being placed into the item slot of the machines, so it would refuse the item and print in chat that it is illegal to sell/buy that specific item.
but then people would find other ways to trade these. likely ending in players just dropping the items on the floor and others stealing with all the crying afterwards...
This would at least function as a verification method so people wouldn't go wondering.

Just because something is perfect doesn't mean it isn't better.

That said though, as a general rule (admins please correct me if I'm wrong.. lol). Players aren't supposed to sell items which can only be purchased at the official store, as by buying out these items, if allowed to sell them, players would be forced to buy from you (likely at a higher price) if they wanted the item, since you bought the official store out and the items can't be gained some other way. Items like easter eggs and jerseys are (I think) ok to sell, because while they are limited, there are ways other than an official store (that doesn't even exist) you can get them.

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