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Hello Everyone

Start here! Introduce yourself and let us know you're here :)
I'm rather new to minetest in general and been having a good time since I discovered it. I've never even played MineCraft believe it or not. lol.

I started my journey on the hometown server wandering in the woods merely surviving and gathering resources. I traveled many hours in one direction deep into the wilderness setting my home location often in case of death farther and farther in this vast world. I eventually came across a nice convergence of biomes where it had been hours since I had seen any form of construction. I decided that the top of a mountain would be the location of my central castle and its ever expanding kingdom of villages and farms.

I have been quietly building in the woods and occasionally can be seen riding my horse into town for the harder to obtain resources and trade.

I have been having a blast on this server and I am very impressed with the beauty of hometown and its buildings. I have a good feeling I will be here for a while if this big little world will have me that is. Figured it was time for me to sign up to the forum.

Have a great day everyone!
Welcome jSnake! Have to check out your house sometime :P
Nice! Great to have you here! :D

You sound like you are doing really well!
Hiya and Welcome!!!!
jSnake welcome!

Glad to have ya on the server and on our forums. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us thus far. I'm all about players that play the game as it's intended and actually experience the gameplay rather than ask for it to be handed to them.

I'll be seeing ya soon I hope :)

Edit: Just to satisfy my curiosity. The name jsnake is the common name of a real life person I've known from long ago. What's the odds? Does W.A.J mean anything to you?
Thanks everyone.

You guys can check it out if you want, I will need to teleport you unless you want to travel by foot for a good while though. lol

It gets a little bigger and better bit by by bit.

I traveled so far to avoid the more mischievous players that I have encountered on another server. I guess some people have nothing better to do than to destroy rather than create.

Hey ExeterDad, I like to run on my own steam. Nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment that you can't be given. I don't think I'm the person you are thinking of. My nickname tended to be "Jake the snake" among friends and family so I thought I would be really clever and unique with jSnake. lol Sometimes you just have to embrace the nicknames.

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