As many of you know. We recently ran a script during a server restart to "somewhat intelligently" remove completely junk usernames and data from our auth.txt and player database. The auth.txt is a file that is loaded at server start and is read and written to with every login and logout throughout the course of the day. This can get very expensive (hard on the server) as the file grows and if we are having very active times. Huge lag spikes will be very obvious as the server attempts to catch up with doing all it's chores to the file over and over and over.......

Now that the heavy cleaning is done, and it appears we haven't lost any valuable players, I've decided to run the script in a less aggressive way nightly. Log show that the script is finding roughly 1,500 player names a day and removes them. The database is now growing very slightly rather than rapidly. In theory, the deleted players have done absolutely nothing so losing their player files wouldn't even be noticed if they turned out to be valid players anyway.
At this time and hopefully never. No players are deleted for being inactive for any length of time as long as they've done "something". But that may be needed in the future. There will be plenty of notice if it ever comes to this.

The running of the script during restart in this "maintenance mode" adds on average of 8 seconds to the downtime of the server during restart. This can be expected to increase slightly over time as the database slowly fills with valid players.

To avoid inviting exploits, I reserve the right to keep what the script is searching for to myself. :)