Our Homedecor mod that supplies hundreds of the nodes we use on HOMETOWN included crafting recipes for tons of nodes that we have never had installed. Most of these nodes appeared in alternate recipes, and a few appeared when there was only one possible recipe.
The entire inventory was gone through and all offending recipes were removed making the inventory a whole lot cleaner looking.

There will be some unknown nodes still appearing for a while as they are not from Homedecor. And to put it simply I don't remember what mods I fixed on the development server to transfer over to the live server at this time.

For awhile now the inventory has been going through a major facelift to hopefully make it more user friendly for our mobile users. Many mods had to be edited because of this project. I can't be certain those fixed unknown nodes are within the affected mods so I will wait to add them to the server until I've done more testing to the inventory.

Also this doesn't mean Homedecor has been updated to the latest. It's the same version of Homedecor. Just with fixed craft recipes. There's been changes to Homedecor and some of it's deps that will certainly break the server without careful adjustments made and tested beforehand. I don't have plans to do this until I've gotten caught up with current goals.