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Kibbie wrote:
Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:21 pm
Speedy2021 wrote:
Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:39 am

Also here is an idea, TURN OFF YOUR SOUND and if you don’t like it when it is quiet, play some music or if you don’t like music, listen to the T.V or if you don’t like either then listen to the annoying sound of snow.
/me high fives the server princess. :D

This was my morning:

ItchyDoughnut: "What do you mean we're out of mustard packets for the sandwich you packed me?" *Disgusted face*

WhineyTooth: "ItchyDoughnut is a jerk, he didn't wake me up gently enough, he turned on the LIGHT."

TinedStarling: "I hate every single shirt I own, I'm not going to wear the perfectly acceptable long sleeve shirt you put out for me and instead I'm going to wear this short sleeved Hollister crop top that barely covers my midriff. Because.....Hollister."

ItchyDoughnut: (At EDad) "I don't want to take the time to eat the hot breakfast you made for me, why can't I have cereal?"

WhineyTooth: "Mum, I am not going to wear my winter coat, a hoodie is fine. Stop nagging!" (Ice and snow, 26 degrees F outside)

ItchyDoughnut: "No, I don't want to wear the perfectly clean and barely used shoes you bought for me, I'll wear my usual mud crusted (possibly dog poop laced from doing yard work over the weekend) Nikes."

WhineyTooth: "I did brush my teeth!" (Kibbie examines mouth and noticed bits of egg and toast stuck in braces) "Well, how do you expect me to brush my teeth with toothpaste that had a HAIR on it!?"

Cherished Server Players: "We cannot STAND the sound of walking on snow. Unacceptable!"

Mondays. Ugh.
Poor Kibbie and ExeterDad. :shock:
So I am not a fan of the snow sounds either.. but..

I just tried out the 0.5.0 build.

They updated snow sounds.

They are much better now.

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