Just a reminder...

We respect all religious views and opinions. You do not need to keep your religion a secret on our server, it's okay to share traditions and information about holidays, etc. However, a line gets crossed when players start telling other players they are WRONG or they will go to hell for not sharing your beliefs. I had to interrupt a very heated argument earlier and revoke shout from two players until I could run a notice to stop the arguing about religion.

So, feel free to build a nativity, a mosque, a temple, a giant cross. Tell other players about your religious practices and traditions if they are willing to listen and are interested in learning about them. Do NOT feel free to tell others your religion is the ONLY correct religion, and do NOT use our server as your platform to preach. Thank you for honoring this rule!

We don't have a hard rule against politics, it's probably just a good idea to refrain from participating in political debates, they hardly ever go well.


Edit by GreenDimond: Please note, anything related to Satanism, Nazis, etc... is not tolerated.