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HOMETOWN Winter Build Contest #1! (Snow Monster) *WINNERS!!*

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my entry (polar bear 40 blocks high, ufff):

(-5140, x, 1630)

(blueprint on MT forum here: ... 02#p301402)

Can you guess what is inside of suitcase? (mods/staffs can see it - noclip x))
hints: entrance to Narnia, deer, definitely not gun, bunny, fish, butterfly, sheep, car, portal to nyan dimmension also called Matrix

EDIT: Thanks to Sokomine for great ideas and teen for wool!
Wardrobe XD
an entry for teen, at 1278, 35, -3121
darianbrown wrote:
Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:45 am
an entry for teen, at 1278, 35, -3121
AspireMint wrote: my entry (polar bear 40 blocks high, ufff):

(-5140, x, 1630)
Great job! I like this one a lot! :D
I am very excited!
rana_89's submission:
30815 15 28349
I don't have time to build my snow monster.
I could just build 20x40 statue but it wont look good.
My snow dragon will be ready for next xmas xD?
As it is 200x200x200 blocks huge.
I really hope that i will be available to build it for next xmas.
All of these entries are wonderful, this is going to be a hard choice! The creativity exhibited by all our builders - is way beyond expectations. :shock: Thank you all for participating. :)

The submission period ended yesterday, and winners will be announced by Friday, Dec. 1st! It will take some time to explore these wonderful builds, especially considering some of them have hidden surprises.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) the next building contest will be announced, check back for updates. ;)
This was an extremely difficult contest to judge, everyone did an incredible job. I know building something so large without fly isn't easy, and everyone really rose (see what I did there?) to the occasion! :D

All of our entries were so different, they really could not be compared with each other. Instead of choosing a first, second, third, and fourth place... ExeterDad and I choose entries based on what we liked most about them. All winning builds for this first contest will be copied and used in a special way, details coming soon. ;)






Congratulations Rocket321, Techy5, AspireMint, and Texan! All players who entered should look for a chest at the base of their build, the chests will be delivered by Thursday. The winners will receive a rare item and gold, but all players who entered will receive a costume. There are three special costumes on the server, and the only way to get them is to participate in these build congratulations to all of you! Participate in all three build contests and you will have the costume collection. :D

The second build contest is already underway, and we can't wait to see the entries!


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