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Regarding eddd and user2 (and ExeterDad)

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Story time. (Grab a snack, I'm anything but concise.) ;)
Years ago, ExeterDad and I had a big ol' lovable black labrador named Neely. Neely LOVED all creatures great and small, and made it his mission to leave no butt un-sniffed. We never had to put Neely on a leash, but we had to be especially vigilant if a dog was being walked on our street because Neely was a one dog welcome party and he was going to sniff the exotic butt of every newbie going by. Some dogs like fetching sticks, Neely liked sniffing butts (...and tennis balls, oh my gawd did he love tennis balls).

Anyway, one day I was outside with Neely... and distracted. Neely was on the other side of the car, just out of my line of vision. There is this anti-social creepy guy who lives close by and lets his dogs poop on neighborhood lawns, and when I say "creepy" I mean I would not be shocked if he winds up in the news for having a woman locked in the trunk of his car. Creepy Dude happened to be walking his war-machine of a dog by on this particular day, and I didn't see him... but of course Neely did. :roll:

Creepy Dude starts yelling and swearing, War-Hound is barking sharply, and it dawns on me I lost sight of Neely. I went running to the road to see Creepy Dude yanking on War-Hound's leash and trying to push Neely away with his foot while Neely is SNIFF*SNIFF*SNIFFING and making friendship bracelets for his new BFF. I grab Neely's collar, apologizing profusely and reassuring Creepy Dude - telling him Neely is just trying to make friends and he won't hurt them. So, there I am, my butt-sniffer under control... apologizing and smiling at Creepy Dude. :oops:

Well, Creepy Dude WENT OFF on me...F-bomb this...F-bomb that, learn to control your F-bombing dog, f-bombing B-BOMB...blah blah. FULL DISCLOSURE...I'm the "volcano temper" kind of gal, meaning my temper can lie dormant for years and everything is kittens and homemade cookies, but when it blows... run for your life, kids. I verbally lashed Creepy Dude all the way down the street, I may have even created a few new swear words. :? Neely was like " OH NOES MOMMA GONE CRAZY...NEELY GO HOME...I GOOD DOG!" and ran back to our yard. Creepy Dude was silenced and continued home at a very fast pace.

ExeterDad was down the street building an addition at his buddy's house, and I run over in tears and heave-blab the whole story to ExeterDad and his buddy, fully expecting them to go speak to Creepy Dude for daring to talk to me that way. ExeterDad listened to my whole story and comforted me, but then said (and I have never forgotten this)...

"It sounds like you handled it already, there's nothing for me to do."

I. Was. FLOORED. I was like... "How dare you not defend my honor!?!" :o

ExeterDad said - "I can't exactly go defend my "delicate buttercup" of a wife when she gave him back what he gave her - probably even gave it to him WORSE (heh) than what she got - especially when she was technically wrong (Neely not on a leash) in the first place. However, I do love you and I'm sorry it happened."

What is my point? Well, this is how ExeterDad operates. He is a fault. He did not have a friendship with Creepy Dude, he didn't particularly care WHAT Creepy Dude thought, but in ExeterDad's pragmatic mind, Creepy Dude and I BOTH participated in that exchange and therefore I was not an innocent victim who needed defending - I defended myself juuuust fine. I even unintentionally provoked Creepy Dude by not keeping my dog under control and in our yard. Believe me, when ExeterDad feels he needs to step in and defend me, he is all over that like Neely on butts (just ask the old drunk guy at the lake last summer who was harassing my best friend and me, I was pulling on ExeterDad's arm to get him away before he stomped a mud hole in Drunk Guy's butt). :shock:
This exchange between user2 and eddd has, for the most part, been a mutual exchange...user2 has been giving it right back to eddd, much like I gave it right back to Creepy Dude. I dare to say, the whole thing was provoked by user2 in the first place because user2 was very vocal about his feelings regarding eddd's building style. Believe me, I do not disagree, I just never voiced it because I try to have respect for people's feelings. I mean, c'mon....I built spawn, spending months making it as aesthetically pleasing and realistic as possible to represent the town I love, and here comes eddd....building big ugly walls and gold towers and unfinished multi-colored builds that make no sense. Was it an intentional plan to make the server look bad, or is eddd just not a gifted builder? I don't know. However, I really never wanted to write those last sentences because what if eddd's intentions were good and he's just a little blind to the aesthetic around spawn? I'm sure eddd is reading this now, so I'm sorry eddd...but yes, user2 did have a point about your builds, I just don't think he should have voiced his criticism without expecting some kind of backlash from you.

ExeterDad has never said "Do not ban eddd!" ExeterDad has made it clear he will support the decision of the Moderators if they feel eddd violates a rule necessitating a ban. This goes for every single player on the server, eddd does not have special privileges. To put things in perspective, ExeterDad really likes Baggins, but Baggins has been permanently banned by one of our Moderators who felt he violated enough rules to necessitate a ban. ExeterDad may not like it or agree with it, but he will stand behind that Moderator and support his decision. Remember diamondknight? Our own children were begging us to permanently ban him and ExeterDad said we can't permanently ban someone for being annoying, we have to have a valid reason we can stand behind. When one of our Moderators found a very valid reason, diamondknight was banned.

A few important things, please read:

  • Eddd has a shop at spawn and so much land around spawn because he and IMS were the first two players on the server. IMS also has a shop at spawn, but he's a Moderator now so he doesn't need it anymore. It wasn't favoritism, it was being in the right place at the right time. We have been planning to give out the shops at spawn to decent regular players who will work to keep them stocked. Maybe we need to proceed with that plan, we just haven't made time for it because it didn't seem like there was a lot of interest.

    I completely believe eddd is doing things to annoy user2 and other players. That book thing with user2's bank? He did that with the library Sky_Fall_II and rana_89 made, and it's NOT okay. When ExeterDad mentioned he and I talked recently about these issues, he was referencing my feelings about what eddd did. Technically eddd did not violate a rule, but I completely understand user2's feelings and felt something should have been done about it - that is what I voiced to ExeterDad. User2 and other players put a lot of time and effort into making something cool, and eddd was intentionally trying to do something negative. Eddd is a smart guy, he knew what he was doing. So moving forward, I ask all players to display a sign prohibiting other players from using machines for purposes they are not intended for. If a player repeatedly disregards the signs and we feel the player understands the owner's wishes, we will consider that player to be intentionally harassing the owner of the machines and there will be consequences.

    User2 has left the server before because of eddd. Obviously I hope he comes back because I feel he is a good regular player who is productive and helpful. If user2 does come back, I ask that eddd and user2 have ZERO interaction and stay off of each other's protected properties, including IOKA owned properties they may be using. No exchanged books, no engagement in chat, no talking about each other, no using each other's machines. This ends now. I am officially declaring the next interaction to be a violation of this rule and a ban will be issued. Although I am mostly stating this rule in response to eddd dinking around in user2's bank, to be fair, this rule will have to work both ways.

    On that note, any targeted and repeated acts to annoy another player (even if the acts don't officially violate a rule) will be considered a pattern of behavior intended to diminish the game experience for other players, and may necessitate a ban at the discretion of the Moderators. Any players who feel they are being targeted, please provide screenshots or other evidence to support your accusation so staff can easily look into it without digging through logs or asking ExeterDad to get involved. ExeterDad just wants to code and try to make bells and whistles to make players happy, he doesn't have any interest in being a referee. We should have had this rule in place before eddd messed with user2's bank, but all we can do is enforce it from now on.

    I am inclined to offer user2 any admin owned shop at spawn (without a current tenant) so he can help create an economy on the server. As long as we have admin shops, we do not have a true economy. If user2 wants to constructively take on eddd's monopoly and he's willing to put in the work, he has my support and has first choice of the admin shops. I will keep this offer open until Friday.

    After Friday, I am offering admin shops to other regular players. Any other constructive, mature, reliable players who are interested in taking over an admin shop at spawn - please PM me and mention your first and second choices for shops, and your intentions for the shops. Depending on the number of applicants and interest in certain shops, I cannot guarantee all players who apply will get a shop or get their first choice, but we will consider all applicants. Restrictions will have to apply to make sure spawn is not overloaded with nodes, but I am offering our players a chance to create a true economy and level the playing field with eddd.

    I am going to be taking a look at the protected properties owned by eddd and other players around the spawn area, and reinforcing the squatting rule. If any players have interest in property around spawn that appears to be abandoned, unfinished for months, derelict, and/or neglected...PM me and maybe we can work something out.

    Moving forward, there will be height restrictions on buildings immediately around the spawn area, and easement requirements. No more gold towers and stone walls right against the road. Unfortunately many buildings will have to be grandfathered in to the new zoning ordinances, but at least the situation will not be allowed to become worse.
Thank you for reading. Let's move forward and make this situation better.
I'd rather wait beyond Friday to come up with some kind of protection bypass for the shops and "leasing" system.. I don't want the walls or building designs to be modified in any way by the shop owners. We've tried this in the past, and it's gone wrong several times. If it's done before the protection/leasing is in place, the owner will need to know that "terms" are subject to change.
I'm not anticipating an issue with that, EDad, and I'm not interested in creating another project for you to have to spend hours and hours on. ;)

I will be very clear, and terms will be written in books for the tenants. Eddd will also receive a copy, and he is going to have to fix some things with his shop. My Friday timeframe is based on the fact we have the first non-traveling, non-competition weekend we've had in months - and I can devote some time to the server.
/me salutes Kibbie and stuff.

Still gonna happen eventually. It's been part of the plan since caveman days.
I am not very active on the server anymore. I am definitely willing to give up my land near spawn, and let someone possibly make a shop out of the land that was, once upon a time, vita's.
Wow that took me forever to read. :lol:
ynomrah wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:25 pm
Wow that took me forever to read. :lol:
Sorry, I'm a little verbose. :oops:
Kibbie wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:34 pm
ynomrah wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:25 pm
Wow that took me forever to read. :lol:
Sorry, I'm a little verbose. :oops:
That story was awesome btw, I also can also relate to the volcano temper as well :roll:
My dog is half war-hound and half heavyweight pro boxer. He is super goofy like a boxer and hates squirrels with a passion. lol. He is crazy smart. He picks up new tricks practically right away. He does about 7-8 tricks with just a hand signal. He's the best dog ever. lol.

The squirrels like to sit on the lowest branch and tease him into a frenzy. lol

I hope I stay on the kittens and homemade cookies side of Kibbie. :D
This post is everything I wanted to hear, glad I'm on the same page as the admins.

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