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My house is destroyed.

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This is what I was greeted with when I logged in:


It looks like the mapgen chunk (80x80 or so) just reset itself... to air? This was also the chunk I was in when I logged on. There was one other player complaining about this, so it must be a fairly new glitch as well. Either way, I'm going to avoid logging in near anything I care about for a while... :?

Edit: Two other players. And the map just regenerated there (still no house, though). Sorry EDad.
Your house is all there :)
I'm suspecting the spawn code for the Easter Eggs is killing the server when too many people are logged in at the same time.
There's connection issues and SUPER slow loading chunks in the map.... including your house.

Hopefully I don't have to turn the eggs off :/
Yep I know it's there. This was just an April Fools prank, but considering how weird the server is right now, it's entirely possible my house might have disappeared. :)
Okay, I have to tell got him. :lol: EDad was like "Whaaaaaat?" and immediately signed on as an alt to investigate. That led to him looking in to the lag caused by the Easter eggs, reducing frequency, and restarting the server. I gave up on April Fools pranks on EDad years ago because he is just not gullible... but you managed to get him.

Well played, Sir. :lol:
*arms crossed

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