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Attention user2 and anyone robbed by Dexter

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In the process of investigating the destruction of a cottage I lent to Dexter, I was informed that he stole items from other players, in particular user2. I would like to speak to you about the return of your items.

Thank you,

Emerald2 in game.
ExeterDad would you be able to check who else's houses have been destroyed by Dexter? He brags that he destroyed a mansion belonging to Lecrae but I don't know this player. Not sure if Dexter has been using other names to further cause trouble.
If a house isn't protected, how can anyone be at fault? Protecting your builds is a must, and a rule.
ExeterDad wrote:
Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:27 pm
If a house isn't protected, how can anyone be at fault? Protecting your builds is a must, and a rule.
They were protected. Dexter was added to the protections. In the case of the cottage of mine, because I let newbies live in them. For the other builds he destroyed, I guess because the players are young and trusting of people. Which worked out badly for them unfortunately.
So if Dexter was placed on the protection, there's nothing to be done. The owner of the protectioin needs to understand that adding someone to the protection is a risk.
I'm sorry. We don't try to sort that kind of drama out. It's much too complicated to prove that Dexter wasn't digging his own blocks within the protected area that his name is on.

This kind of situation happens every day.
I have not had any items or property stolen and have not added anyone to any of the protection on any of my property. I would be interested if you could inform me, possibly via PM if appropriate, who told you that I had been stolen from.

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