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Server Crashes

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Just to let you know there have been quite a few server crashes in the space of a few minutes around 09:30GMT. Last one just now at 09:39 :?
Should be resolved now. Players using the /spawn command would trigger it.
Sorry :)
ExeterDad wrote:
Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:01 pm
Should be resolved now. Players using the /spawn command would trigger it.
Sorry :)
Other crash at 13:46 CET (12:46 UTC), or did it have to crash/ restart for your fix to be applied? ;)

EDIT: And another one at 14:06 CET (13:06 UTC) :cry:
I can't be sure Beerholder. Too many to keep track of. We just had another unrelated to the spawn command that I had to work through as well.

What's going on is there are many mods that are still using the pre minetest 0.4.16 way of getting settings from the minetest.conf file.
I went through and updated all instances of the older method to cut back on debug.txt WARNING spam. Apparently getting the static spawn point from the .conf used to grab the string and convert it into a table to be used for a pos. Now there doesn't seem to be a conversion so the string stored in the .conf is returned rather than a table and is breaking things all over.
I just need to find them all and do minetest.string_to_pos to make the position usable. *sigh

The latest crash was in the jailbeds code. When the player does the time and is teleported to spawn. *PoOf
The fix is in place, it'll just take another crash or restart to take affect.
Ah, I was just about to report another crash, but you have it under control, as usual :) Thank you.

BTW, do you ever sleep :?:
Crash again, this time a crash loop, starting at around 23:15ish CET, 4 crashes and counting :cry:

EDIT: Crashing about once every one or two minutes
We found the problem. Not much we can do. Have to wait for Exeter

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