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Cocktail City

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So my New Year's resolution was to sort of freely recreate this "city" that I had built on Cash's World. Cocktail City was a number of builds, all named after drinks and spirits (well, there is Beer in my nick, right??) and quite a bit away from the hectic of spawn. The city will be made near my Crossing of Biomes base at roughly 7200, 5900, so a bit of a walk and not the easiest place to find or to get to. The first build is now completed, and foundations were chosen for the next two builds. The list of builds on Cash's World was:

  • The Harbor and Ship: To be recreated
  • Cocktail City signs: To be recreated
  • Town Hall and Castle Wall: To be recreated
  • Greenhouse: To be recreated
  • Pyramid
  • Feline Freeway to maikerumine's house: Will be recreated as a more simple path on the ground, sans maike's house
  • Bio Dome: To be recreated
  • Tower: Might recreate this
  • Beer's House and diamond factory and botumin's Beer Pint (guest build): To be recreated sans the factory and the pint
  • Jasmine's Fountain Garden (guest build) and Jasmine's Palace: To be recreated
  • Town Entrance and Map
  • Spleef Arena: To be recreated
  • Sphere (guest build)
  • Roller Coaster (guest build)
  • doflala's house (guest build)
  • Wrazhevsky's rail cart station (guest build)
I hope I will be able to build what I want to recreate from the old city, but it will take quite some time as the one on Cash's World was built in a time frame of about a year (building on and off). Everything will be built without privs, I got things to do IRL of course and if, just maybe if, colored lights are added, I will have to do some rework too :roll:

In any case the builds will not be exact copies of the ones on Cash's World due to me not having the exact specs of them, the protectors having different sizes and there being different blocks between the two servers... I want to use this topic to document the builds and post my progress :D
Jasmine's Palace

I met a player on Cash's World called Jasmine. We traded some items from time to time since I had lots of resources which were sparse near spawn. I invited her to mine near Cocktail City so she could sell the goods in her mall. One day she asked me for some land so she could make a fountain garden. Of course I agreed, since there was lots of space where I was. I offered to make her a palace to go with the garden. Jasmine's palace in Cocktail City was one of her two palaces, the second one being an ice palace in the towering mountains near spawn which she was building herself in secret. We actually spoke about building a third one, an underwater ocean palace, but never managed to start building it.

Name: Jasmine's Palace
Coordinates: 7195, 5970
Start date: January 2, 2018
End date: January 6, 2018 (main exterior and interior structures completed, furnishing incomplete)
Size: 3x2x2 protection blocks
Main materials: Various types of brick, obsidian, colored wool, sand stone
Interesting features: Heart shaped towers, floral banners, throne room with diamond/ obsidian throne and chandelier, domed central tower

That. Is. AWESOME!!!

Considering how well you build, the finished builds are going to be epic!!!
Thanks Kibbie! :) I am on a roll too, the second build is already done :D A build I was *not* looking forward to however, due to it being ...

Bio Doom

Inspired after I had built a greenhouse, when I was listening to Sepultura's "Biotech is Godzilla" and by my desire to construct a dome structure/ semi sphere, I came up with Bio Doom, a huge dome large enough to contain trees and farm lands. It was likened to the domes on the spaceship in the 1972 scifi movie Silent Running ( ... nning2.jpg). For HT however, I wanted it to be more spacious since the trees in Cash's World's Bio Doom burst through the ceiling. In addition, there was not a lot of room in the old Bio Doom for farms.

The new Bio Doom is much bigger, its area spanning 2x2 protection blocks, and containing well over 1000 stone, 1000 dirt and more than 1500 glass blocks. Enough light passes the glass dome for plant life (crops, trees) to grow. Even though it is bigger than the Cash's World one, the jungle trees actually still burst through the glass ceiling and had to be trimmed... :shock:

Album with build progress:

Name: Bio Doom
Coordinates: 7250, 5920
Start date: January 7, 2018
End date: January 9, 2018 (trees and crops planted and grown, more trees and farms to be added)
Size: 2x2x2 protection blocks
Main materials: Stone, dirt, glass, obsidian
Interesting features: Farms, access to the dome's exterior for some nice vistas, waterfalls springing from the farm's irrigation and from a small pond

Margarita Mansion

My house on Cash's World was a very functional and spartan one, just brick and wood. It started as a single story box with a couple of chests and furnaces, and a grinder to dupe diamond and mese. Soon the number of chests grew, the few furnaces turned into a furnace wall and more floors were added at which time I tried to make it look a little better, but ... It still ended up looking like a bunch of boxes slapped together.

Grinding became more and more tedious and I kept having to dig for coal blocks. So that's where the diamond factory came in, which was the most interesting feature of the house, and from a technical point of view probably the most interesting feature of the entire city. The goal was to create one that would perpetually power itself. Just drop a few crystals or diamonds into the grinder and off it went. All the batteries powering the movers and furnaces were replenished with power cells which were created by a generator. Obviously the power cells were placed in the batteries by movers powered by those very same batteries.

Players visited to look at it in awe, to learn about the secrets and mechanics of the perpetuum mobile, and some tried to make their own versions based on the plans of my machine. One player even stole it, but could not recreate it himself, only to return the machine's components after having been exposed as the perpetrator :lol:

In the final months of the server, I returned to Cash's World to create an exact copy of the factory in the room next to the first one, making the factory a "dual" one. I never managed to fully utilize both, and all of the diamonds and mese I duplicated was always used to upgrade the various components of the factory (more powerful generators, batteries, etc.).

HT does not have (basic) machines, so this build is a more aesthetic version of my house on Cash's World although the top floor was built to be the "factory floor' and would have easily fit the dual perpetual factory. I also cannot for the life of me remember what I called the house, hence on HT it shall be known as "Margarita Mansion".

"Oh, ye seekers after perpetual motion, how many vain chimeras have you pursued? Go and take your place with the alchemists"
- Leonardo Da Vinci, 1494

Name: Margarita Mansion
Coordinates: 7200, 5900
Start date: January 10, 2018
End date: January 13, 2018 (with some furniture, but more to be added)
Size: 2x2x1 protection blocks
Main materials: Stone, clay, glass, wood
Interesting features: "Cocktail City" banner (also Beer's "armor banner" on the Beerarchy), alas missing the dual diamond factory, a bit prettier than the Cash's World version of the house, animals manage to get into the house -_-

Vana Tallinn

Tallinn is the absolutely gorgeous capital of Estonia, Vana Tallinn an Estonian liqueur, sweet with a hint of Jamaican rum. After I invited Jasmine to Cocktail City and before we had built the fountain garden and the palace, we chatted one day about where we came from. Jasmine told me she was from Estonia and when we discussed drinks and she told me about Vana Tallinn, I knew this Estonian liqueur would be a perfect addition to Cocktail City :D

But what would be a good build for a drink named like that? Well, it seems there is a big TV tower in Tallinn! ( ... _tower.JPG) So I decided to build Vana Tallinn Tower. A straightforward, simple tower reaching for the clouds and attached to the castle walls. And because the real Tallinn TV tower was used for some extreme sports, I added a little pool that visitors could jump into for a quick descent, and of course, for fun!

Another build dedicated to my fellow builder on Cash's World :)

Oh and check out the real Tallinn! Really! It's gorgeous!! So pretty!!! :o Just watch those pictures already! :D ... europe.jpg ... 500-cs.jpg ... hoto17.jpg

Name: Vana Tallinn Tower
Coordinates: 7180, 5925
Start date: January 14, 2018
End date: January 14, 2018 (tower and small castle building, castle walls not in place yet)
Size: 1x5x1 protection blocks
Main materials: Stone
Interesting features: Highest Feature and Landmark of Cocktail City with some great vistas of the surroundings, small pool to jump into, "light strip" effect due to torches in the corners of the build



Jasmine's Fountain Garden

A palace with fountains, that was our plan. I build the palace, she would build fountains to go with it. A large swath of ground needed to be flattened before Jasmine could start. Then a small shed was placed on the construction site for the palace and the fountain and materials were placed in a bunch of chests. For Jasmine, tons of colored lights, dye, glass, mese, sand and a couple of furnaces to smelt sand into glass just in case more was needed. When the palace was finished, Jasmine was still planning her fountains and working on the floor layout.

I was offline for a few days before I logged in again, but then I did ... And when I did ... Oh My God! I was dumbfounded by what I saw ... The fountains ... They were finished! And what a sight to behold, so colorful, so pretty, I had not seen such a beautiful build on the entire server!!

There it was, in Cocktail City: An amazing addition to the palace, a gorgeous build in my little city <3

Alas, my rendition of Jasmine's garden on HT is not even close to the simplicity and beauty of her build :cry:

Name: Jasmine's Fountain Garden
Coordinates: 7195, 5950
Start date: January 21, 2018
End date: January 24, 2018
Size: 3x1x1 protection blocks
Main materials: Wool, stone, clay, water, obsidian
Interesting features: Center fountain with flowers, floral and cocktail banners, lack of colored lights on HT meant having to use colored wool and simple mese lights

(Note the castle wall under construction in the images ;) )



Jasmine's palace and fountain garden on CW for comparison. P.s. check out the chat, micah joined the game :D

Aperol Arena

Inspired by some Minecraft videos on YouTube where players would play "spleef" (, I decided Cocktail City needed one too. But how to go about that ... Make sure the arena is protected, but allow the dirt platform to be diggable by all ... Well, some carefully placed protectors would cover everything except the dirt playing area which players could then dig. And instead of placing lava underneath the dirt platform, water would do.

How to play: The game needs two or more players and is played on the central elevated platform in the arena. You need to use a shovel to dig the blocks underneath your opponent and try to make them fall info the water or off the platform. Last player standing on (what remains of) the platform wins. Alas, the dirt blocks need to be placed back manually (rollback could be used but is not good for server performance and moderators do not have this privilege).

Since HT has jerseys, it will be easier to play in teams (although you can play in teams without the jerseys to of course). As such, the HT version a red and a blue seating area so you can cheer for your favorite team.

Album with build progress:

Name: Aperol Spleef Arena
Coordinates: 7165, 5855
Start date: January 27, 2018
End date: February 1, 2018 (fully playable, but needs chest with dirt and shovel vending machine)
Size: 2x1x2 protection blocks
Main materials: Brick, obsidian, wool, dirt and wood
Interesting features: Fully functional and playable spleef arena, cocktail banner, the Irish Coffee Throne, colored seating areas for blue/ red teams matching the blue/ red HT jerseys, obsidian glass viewing plateau for top view action


Beerholder wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:46 pm
Aperol Arena
This is pretty fun! Similar to knockout, but no PVP and everything can be dug, great idea.

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