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Oh, look at her!! ❤❤❤

She is perfect, what a sweet angel! Congratulations, big brother! Did you name her Ivy?

I miss having babies. Enjoy her, she will grow so fast! ❤
melxxxxx wrote:
Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:23 am
I would like the liquid privs :) please
Done! Good to see you around, melxxxxx! :D
ynomrah wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:25 pm
Wow that took me forever to read. :lol:
Sorry, I'm a little verbose. :oops:
I'm not anticipating an issue with that, EDad, and I'm not interested in creating another project for you to have to spend hours and hours on. ;) I will be very clear, and terms will be written in books for the tenants. Eddd will also receive a copy, and he is going to have to fix some things with h...
Story time. (Grab a snack, I'm anything but concise.) ;) Years ago, ExeterDad and I had a big ol' lovable black labrador named Neely. Neely LOVED all creatures great and small, and made it his mission to leave no butt un-sniffed. We never had to put Neely on a leash, but we had to be especially vigi...
Happy happy happy birthday, GD!!!

I hope your day is fantastic!! Your HT family adores you!! :D
Hey Stormchaser, welcome to the forum and to the server! Glad to have you here! :D
Hiya Kalli, welcome!! :D
Okay, I have to tell got him. :lol: EDad was like "Whaaaaaat?" and immediately signed on as an alt to investigate. That led to him looking in to the lag caused by the Easter eggs, reducing frequency, and restarting the server. I gave up on April Fools pranks on EDad years ago because he is...
Very cool, user2!! I am interested in learning more about this endeavor!