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Yeay!!! Great news GoldenHart!
Thanks for sharing :)
user2 wrote: "it's your fault if you add someone to your protection and they steal stuff"
Ha ha! Yep!
I need to put this on a T-Shirt.
PM With temporary password sent.
They don't let people with glasses join the Air Force. Can you wear glasses and be a pilot in the Air Force? To become a pilot, that means the candidate's vision can be no worse than 20/70 (correctable with glasses to 20/20) in each eye. ... Effective May 21, 2007, applicants who have had PRK and L...
Any mod could do it for you using the replacer tool. You just set one as you need it, they clone it, and place away with the same param2 as the original.

It's the only tool we have that will do this. And it's staff only I'm afraid.
Wow!!! Talk about going way out of your way to make a point hit home!
Nice work. Threw me off for a second lol
user2 wrote: doubt that many players even have a few thousand gold at any one time, especially that they can "throw away" on a rare novelty item with no functional value.
Whaddya mean??? There's the whining and barking feature. Totally worth the cash :P
It would be useful to have a local chat. This would allow sending messages to other players within 100 block radius or so. Useful when doing something in an area with a few people as you could talk to them about it without spamming up the main chat. ChimneySwift though that was a good idea and code...
I have noticed the steadily rising amount of jail escapees and i request that the jail should be upgraded and harder to escape, so people dont keep escaping. The ability to escape from the jail is a feature. It's designed to slow down repeated spawn killers long enough for people to clear away from...
Correct. Only moderators may place lava. Just ask nicely :) It's also the reason water can't be placed above Y 20 unless you've been granted the priv. And the reason nobody can place TNT above Y -500 It's all to keep the server from being destroyed by troublemakers, recklessness or simple accidents....