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A day late, but Happy Mother's Day!
Congrats to the winners! I'm sure all of them look amazing :D
(dolt's build was super cute too)
Happy Birthday!
GreenDimond wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:58 pm
Aoi wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:26 pm
Howl's Moving Castle~
That, and all of the Studio Ghibli films are amazing.
Heck yeah. I grew up on Totoro
Howl's Moving Castle~
Aw, she's so precious!!!
Dang, this looks absolutely amazing!
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just want to bring up the fact there is a loophole for jail escapees. Jail escapees are able to remain safe while in that small jail area and inside the city hall (since it is above jail). When somebody tries to attack them, the jail escape...
Godzilla wrote:
Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:11 pm
Hey everyone my name is Goszilla and i wish to help hometown grow its the best server ever my hometown gamer tag is Rider
Please don't bring up old posts.
Offtopic needs more topics :D XD It is my dream to become a kpop idol, so I am working on my dancing/singing/acting etc... I hope I will make it! :D :D What do you all want to be/ or already are being? xD I want to become an author! Good luck on becoming a trainee! I heard it's super difficult