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so what type of slabs is working that way? i would really like the same behavior for (white) baked clay slabs. i would also like a similar behavior for (white) baked clay stairs. Means: when placed on the upper side with sneak, they should default to facing down... i think this is more complicated a...
does this maybe only work with a specific type of slab? i try white baked clay slabs and i can not get it working
holding sneak always places it in the lower flat position. i want it to be the upper one... i don't see how to get it working like you describe
i need to place a lot of slabs with param2 = 20 i think, slab glued to the ceiling... is there some way or possibility to just place them all in that one configuration, no matter what my facing or sneak is? i know i could just put a ceiling first, but thats placing and then removing a ton of blocks....
huh. you mean i could write a CSM that could filter messages from players... even by their actual location... sounds like too much information being passed to the client... stalking etc would be possible... but the idea of having groups would be what i would go for. with basic commands like /join <g...
ChimneySwift wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:09 am
user2 wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:13 am
a lot of people think I'm a noob because of my username
You have less than 3 numbers after your name so idk what they're thinking.
what are you implying?
it was me. now what? :o
i want to be rich enough to live the rest of my life on a nice island with fast internet, warm weather and persons serving me alcoholic beverage.
can you store the location a tamed mob is placed first into the world and just reset the mob if that information exist? i think that would solve the mob in wall problem... i sure would like to make some sort of farm with 1000 animals per chunk, but with the reset that's impossible :roll: edit: actua...
>Items that have been dropped on the ground (although these despawn automatically anyway)

these... obviously i meant the ore stacks (item) that are placed by a TNT explosion...

and no... they have a lifetime of infinite on hometown. they won't despawn