Official Forum for the HOMETOWN Minetest game server.

EDIT: Oh, and thanks to EDad you can watch the action (kinda) live at the HOMETOWN map
This map is incredible :D Kinda creepy being able to see where everyone is tho.

Looking forward to see all to cool stuff ppl build.
Could I get liquid privilege please? Might come in handy for the build comp. TY
Emerald wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:39 pm
Just drop the book on top of the hopper. It will go into the hopper and then into the chest underneath.
I forgot they worked like that :roll:, ty
I'd like to enter on a 1x2 plot please. Also, I tried using the hopper at the location but it wouldn't let me put anything in it for some reason.
I checked it out, nice build, I like the choice of blocks. I have a couple of questions: 1) How will your ~stocks / shares system work? 2) What are your thoughts on offering interest on deposits? If I had a post box in spawn I might use it.
I built a shop next to the road recently (-419,7,43) and would like to know what sort of things people like to buy. It's a little distance from spawn but so far people have bought this stuff mostly: - TNT - Minecarts - Coal - Iron Stuff I have bought from shops: - Seeds, flowers, beehive (from the f...
Yes, if you come across any of them please do and post here :) The other one I know is "Asphalt Shingle Slab", which is also uncraftable as it is the same as / over-ridden by "Asphalt Shingles". Also I notice "Asphalt Shingles" are the same as another item with a different recipe called "Asphalt Sh...
Hi, I would like to know what foods the different animals on the server like. So far I have: Cows, Horses, Sheep - eat Wheat Chickens - eat Seeds (wheat seed or cotton seed, others?) Rabbits - eat carrots? What I don't have are these ones. I tried raw meat and cooked meat which I thought would work ...
ExeterDad wrote:
Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:32 pm
Lava flans don't drop a lava orb every time they are killed. Also if they do drop one, it's likely to go into the lava and be lost. You might have better luck if you lure them out of the lava before killing them :)
Thanks, I'll be more careful next time I go hunting :D
Just been there, super neat :D thanks for including the gravel spread! I think there might be some other uncraftable items where the mods overlap, is it worth making a note of them? Not that I want to make more work for anyone.