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Speedy2021 wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:16 pm
That explains when I came back a nyan cat was in front of me! XD
never go afk

im everywhere

/weirdmode off



(ofc not my buildings x))
What eddd said is not eddd and is far from reality :roll: He plays on edge of rules, not becuase he didnt read rules, he knows them well. If you think people change from one day to another, you are naive, sorry. You are one small part in his "big" troll game. Make your opinion on what he did (not to...
Where is rule that admin can only ban you for not following rules? :lol:
:roll: black room version A: and this is version 2: Still i want to build BIGGER room, with light switches (it should look like night sky). Computer donations are welcome :...
Haha. No >:-(
x) Cat is placed in 2x1x2 area, and cat is light source, sooo... You are looking on black nodes :-)
AspireMint wrote:
Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:54 pm

didn't know HT server has vantablack node:
(no photoshop or mspaint)
wood curtainrod + brass curtainrod


Guys, im selling lava pickaxe. :lol:
current recipe is 1 gold block, but that is also 1 gold block = 9 gold ingots
Ok, thank you, didnt know about that. I had to buy lava pickaxe (so far i found 0 lava lakes :x ).