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Which is why if someone is physically able to steal your stuff, they can and honestly by all means should. Players need to learn to use protection blocks and locked chests if they don't want their stuff stolen. This is obviously within reason, if someone steals something you drop on the ground or p...
Just going to put this out there: I've heard that you have your own reputation for stealing and "mining houses". Not sure whether or not this is true but I think you know the truth. If you want people to take you seriously, please try using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It goes a long w...
so what type of slabs is working that way? Wood, stone, pretty much everything else. I'm not sure why baked clay doesn't, assuming that this is the baked clay mod on the server (it's the only one that I could find) it registers the clay stairs and slabs using whatever stairs mod is used on the serv...
ChimneySwift wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:16 pm
user2 wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:13 pm
Also just BTW the IOKA protectors can actually be reassigned to another player with a metadata editor. So Emerald2 could have access to the road protection if required.
That would be cool. We just don't have one on the server AFAIK. xD
I believe admins have a metadata editor.
Most of the land is taken but I have a few plots near spawn which I might be able to rent depending on what you need it for.

Do you have a portfolio? I prefer to rent to players with a portfolio or reference.
Bob8881 wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:52 am
does this maybe only work with a specific type of slab? i try white baked clay slabs and i can not get it working
Weird. I just tested it with white baked clay slab and it seems that they in fact do not behave the same way.
The bridge has its own protections and doesn't need protecting, The skyscraper area across the bridge isn't ready for protecting, the builders tell me they still need to add street lighting and things like that. Wait... there will be a skyscraper area? That sounds interesting. Also sorry for not fi...
There is a way to do it without placing a ceiling first, if you look at the edge of the adjacent slab and place while holding down the sneak key. This will place the slab in the top space (like a ceiling), and the direction in which you are facing is used as the orientation (around the Z axis) of th...
Probably wouldn't be that hard to make a CSM that can identify tagged messages and log them, either to show later on when requested or even to save to disk.
I'm not sure what you're getting at here. With regards to implementing a "local chat" CSM: Yep, I guess I was off topic; I was talking about a non-local (all players online) sort of CSM to add a nice GUI. *recedes to corner in shame* That makes more sense. I assumed that we were still talking about...