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Aww, GoldenHart... I am sorry that I am a bit late, but I must say that I too will miss you. May God bless your time with family and soon time in college. :) My siblings and I will never forget how we met you and how you were so generous to us. You are an awesome friend! :D Now this "no-comebacks" b...
Ahhhh, iska!! :o :D :D Welcome!!
I have missed having you around Xanadu! I didn't realize that you had officially joined, and even posted here! I am soooo late to the party. Heh, but I am thrilled. :P

Edit: I can't wait to see new work from your genius building mind. :)
It is so fun to hear about how others chose their usernames. :D Very good idea to start a thread like this, Hood.:D Believe it or not, I actually began playing Minetest servers with the name Rumplestilzskinn. :oops: :( I wanted random and anonymous. ;) Obviously it was both, but I did have the oppor...
I love how this server has seasons! :D
I will enjoy seeing everything Springy and Summery again. :)
Thank you! :)
An island on HT is a wonderful idea. :D
I am not sure if anyone severely missed me in the passed month or two, but I surely missed Hometown! :( In my family there was a sudden death. There was traveling, funeral, family, friends, loads of peeeople... and the longing for a lonely island where it is warm and quiet-- far from casseroles and ...
Thank you, Kibbie! I love the shop! So festive and cheery. :) I literally spent over a 1100 gold ingots on decor! :D :lol: I need to decorate a whole Christmas village after all. ;) This is surely my most favorite season of any year, any land. Happy Holidays to all for now! :D And I hope everyone el...
AspireMint wrote: my entry (polar bear 40 blocks high, ufff):

(-5140, x, 1630)
Great job! I like this one a lot! :D
I am very excited!
I meant a piece of the admin armor already available on the server (ik, because I saw Kibbie wearing a set of it. :D) For example: Guardians given a shield. Moderators given a breastplate, and so on... Not necessarily a different icon shield for each staff category. On Xanadu, Honorary Builders were...
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Recalling back to the first time I killed someone. :oops:
He said he loved me and I let him have it! :?
I am not surprised that I never saw him on the server after that. :shock: